Key Facts

Shaft Sinkers has undertaken in excess of 250 contracts around the world since its inception in 1961.
Our project experience stretches from mining to hydro and road tunnelling contracts.

Our achievements include:

  • Sinking over 170 kilometres of vertical shafts to date.
  • Sinking in excess of 35 kilometres of incline and decline shafts

In doing so it has achieved a number of world firsts:

  • First company to have sunk the worlds deepest shaft at Moab Mine (3649 meters). The company has routinely sunk ultra-deep shafts in excess of 1200 meters
  • Fastest continuous sink rate achieved at just over 200 meters within one month
  • Widest shaft sunk at a finished diameter of 19 meters
  • Sinking of an oval shaft 11 meters wide and 12 meters long

We have experience in working in all types of conditions:

  • Sinking in frozen ground/ arctic conditions
  • Sinking through highly faulted, fragmented and unstable ground
  • Sinking through clays and sand
  • Sinking in excessive water tables (aquifers)
  • Working in heat conditions at ultra-deep levels

Over the years Shaft Sinkers has been instrumental in pioneering a number of mining innovations:

  • Mid shaft loading system – a system that facilitates horizontal access to ore bodies from a vertical shaft while primary sinking is still in progress
  • Prototyping the jumbo drill & mini jumbo drill
  • Perfected control blasts thereby decreasing blow over, improving cycle times and reducing costs to clients
  • Masterarch spiling system for working through and stabilising highly fragmented rock
  • Prototyping methodologies for working in high heat conditions in ultra-deep mines