About Us

Shaft Sinkers is the mining operations company for the UMS Group and has the sinking experience as well as the design and mine shaft engineering capability to execute shafts as deep as 3000 meters through almost every type of rock strata.

Shaft Sinkers understands that rapid access to deep level ore bodies is of critical importance to its clients. Around this, the Company has developed a culture of excellence and innovative thinking, and as a result, we have pioneered many ground-breaking mining methods which have enabled us to perform at the forefront of sinking, development and construction. By way of example, Shaft Sinkers pioneered mid-shaft development – a system which facilitates horizontal access to the ore body from the vertical shaft while primary shaft sinking is still in progress. This is just one of our many successful innovations worldwide aimed at speeding up shaft sinking processes and for which we have gained renown.

Driving our innovative spirit are teams of highly specialised technical and managerial personnel are dedicated to providing safe, cost effective and innovative solutions to its clients and this makes us a leader in the industry.

In delivering on its projects, Shaft Sinkers never compromises on safety. Our ethos is Safety Above All Else. .


widest diameter shaft sunk


largest oval shaft sunk

What We Offer

Although we are able to undertake any type of underground development work, we uniquely specialise in the sinking and equipping of ultra-deep and wide vertical shafts including decline shafts, development of underground infrastructure as well as the construction and installation of any auxiliary infrastructure used in mining and hydropower projects.

Shaft Sinking & Equipping

We specialise in the sinking and equipping of particularly ultra-deep and wide vertical shafts, production, service, vent and sub-level shafts.

Surface & Underground Construction

We are equipped to do concrete civils, mechanical installations, control & instrumentation, pipework, structural steelwork & metalwork and other surface or underground construction that may be required.

Mine Rehabilitation & Refurbishment

We can prolong the economic lifetime of a mine and improve mine efficiencies. We undertake equipment inspections as well as provide mine care & maintenance services.

Large Underground Excavations

We excavate everything from underground crushers to winder chambers, pump and surge chambers, settlers, silos and oil & gas chambers.



We undertake capital or working cost, trackless, rail bound or conventional excavations.

Contract Mining

We undertake everything from highly mechanised massive mining to conventional stope mining.


We raisebore ore passes, pressure & surge shafts, access shafts, conveyance shafts, ventilation shafts.


Our Academy of Learning is audited and accredited by the South African Mining Qualifications Authority including most of the major Mining Houses that Shaft Sinkers conducts business with. Our training focuses on technical, health, safety & management skills. We also provide artisan and engineering learnerships.